Randall Rothenberg spent the first half of his professional life writing newspaper articles, magazine stories, and books. He took up scuba diving to escape people, dialectic, and conscious thought, if merely for an hour at a time, and only now and then. Twenty-five years later, he brought a camera underwater, entered the realm of the subconscious, and realized that all the world's a coral reef.

In the beginning was the word. In the end shall remain the image.

The photographer is a diver; the camera is the mask; now is the ocean.

I long to subvert the conscious mind and grapple with what lies beneath.

I love to craft beautiful objects from the pieces and bits that glide before me.

The story is not told, but built.

Lost in the moment, weightless, awash in colors remembered from children's books, articulation is impossible and unnecessary.

I want to see what I have found, and find what I have seen.

Spirits suffuse the environment; skeletons are alive

I float.

I breathe.

I see.

Moi meme